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Ship Valuation

ERNST RUSS SHIPBROKER can provide you with an official value certificate for your container, multipurpose or dry cargo vessel. Our comprehensive evaluation process relies on inputs from the in-house sale & purchase, research and chartering departments. Firsthand market information about vessels sold, offered and sought after as well as the current and future employment possibilities form the base of the valuation. In addition to the current market sentiment, ERNST RUSS SHIPBROKER further utilizes its extensive database to run standard discounted cash flow models as well as an innovative simulation tool to provide you with a most accurate ship valuation.

Our goal always is to provide the most realistic valuation for which a ship could actually be sold – A number of banks, ship owners and operators have thus been relying for years on our desktop valuations.

Quick facts:

  • Firsthand data
  • Cash flow models
  • Simulation tool

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