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Operations / Postfix

At ERNST RUSS SHIPBROKER, efficient management of post-fixture and operational affairs is our top priority. We act as hire and freight collecting agents, ensuring prompt handling of transactions and maintaining the trust of all parties involved. Additionally, we serve as escrow agents for Charter Securities and S&P transactions, providing diligent monitoring and immediate action when required.

Our commitment to transparency and compliance is unwavering. We deliver detailed statements to owners/operators in accordance with bookkeeping standards, ensuring transparency and adherence to industry regulations. Clients trust us to handle their financial transactions promptly and in full compliance, allowing them to focus on seamless operations and achieving their goals.

Quick facts:

  • 9 Employees
  • Diligent monitoring
  • abt 150 vessels

Get in touch with the Postfix department:

Container- RoRo

+49 40 380303 271