… is one of the most comprehensive monthly market reports available from the German market. It is featuring on drycargo and containers, relating also to S&P/Newbuilding, FFA and macro economics.

THE MARITIME OVERVIEW is not intended to replace individual guidance or advice on actual business, but gives our views on the markets, it’s drivers and dynamics, always with a view to the bigger picture.

Order your first issue-copy for free and decide, whether you want to make THE MARITIME OVERVIEW your regular monthly publication at the price of Euro 37,50 or US$ 50,00 per issue (plus VAT in Germany).

A 6 months subscription is required, with 45 days notice of cancellation. THE MARITIME OVERVIEW is only available BY MAIL and is distributed to the subscribers in the first week of the month.

Download: This years „Eisbein-Edition“ (2018)

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